Frankly Speaking Volume 4 Issue 5

Franco remembers: “If you bought your copy of Deneuve in the South, chances are you couldn’t browse the October 1994 issue. It was deemed offensive, so a cobalt shrink-wrapped plastic cover concealed Marga Gomez’s half naked torso, making it impossible to peek inside or even see the cover without buying the magazine.”

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Franco Stevens launched Curve magazine and raised lesbian visibility. Support AHEAD OF THE CURVE through Kickstarter today.


Today is a huge day for AHEAD OF THE CURVE – We’re making this film because LGBTQ rights remain under attack, and VISIBILITY is one of our most powerful tools to combat discrimination. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to help us finish the film! We need your help with 2 things: 1) DONATE any amount […]

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‘Queer California’ LGBTQ exhibit in Oakland is not what you’ll expect

These “untold stories” have been told in other venues, such as San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society Museum. But a kaleidoscopic exploration like this, which proudly focuses on fringe elements, has never filled the galleries of a major museum. Read more here Make sure you see the “Queer California: Untold Stories” exhibit through August 11, 2019.

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