Our Values

Our culture is in the midst of significant cultural shifts around women, immigrant stories, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the disability community. Queer women, Women of Color, and non-binary folk are leading — as they always have — and the recent Supreme Court ruling around our employment protections notwithstanding, conservative forces have unleashed a barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation aimed at rolling back our hard-won gains and erasing recognition and protection of LGBTQ+ people entirely.

Modern visibility work such as that being done by Kim Katrin, Denice Frohman, Andrea Pino-Silva, and Amber Hikes flourishes when queer women gather in community groups and through conferences like Lesbians Who Tech and Clexacon. At the heart of this visibility work are the twin truths of radical self-love and the idea that you must be able to “see it to be it.”

Our goal is to offer AHEAD OF THE CURVE as a tool for creating safe and inclusive conversations. We want to make sure that the people who screen our film share our values of inclusivity and visibility. Here’s how we define those values:

Inclusivity – When we talk about being inclusive, we mean making our best efforts to bring everyone who is part of the Curve Community to our table. The Curve Community is made up of lesbians, queer women, trans women, women who love women, and non-binary people, of all races, ages, and abilities.

Visibility – To us, visibility means having our stories known and having our voices heard. It means as Kim Katrin says, “being the authors of our own experiences” and getting them out into the world.